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Independent AMSOIL Dealer Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Welcome to It’s The Oil Enterprises

It’s The Oil .Com is an Authorized  Amsoil  Dealer website .

Why It’s the oil because It’s the  oil

     - that started it all back in 1972 with the first  synthetic motor oil recognized by the American
       Petroleum Institute
     - that started and still leads the industry with an AMSOIL backed extended drain interval
     - that saves you time and money
     - helps virtually anything with moving parts  operate better and last longer
     - that always innovating by improving and adding new products to better help customers with
       their needs

It’s The Oil Enterprises is owned and operated by independent AMSOIL dealer Derek Beahm . A little about me, I like making   things better, everything I come in contact with. I think of how it could be improved, I like making things operate at or better than they where originally designed to perform this could mean better performance, better fuel economy, or just lasting longer. This lends itself nicely to AMSOIL which since it's inception has been improving it's products to lead the industry in everything it does.

Ever since I was little I used to ask why ? because didn’t cut then and it doesn’t now. As a result this helps me better understand how things work, which gives me the ability to better explain how and why an AMSOIL product will work for you.

I look forward to helping you with your personal our business needs.

Derek Beahm

Independent AMSOIL Dealer
Contact at
Phone (306)584-0250/cell(306)527-7537


Independent Amsoil Dealer Canada
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Its The Oil is an Independent AMSOIL Dealer Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Only a Phone Call or Email from Anywhere