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Independent AMSOIL Dealer Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Watercraft, boats,amsoil products,canadaWatercraft, boats,amsoil products,canada

AMSOIL offers a complete line of products geared toward the special needs of marine craft and machinery.

What's the unique problem of the marine engine? Water. Water promotes rust corrosion and rapid wear. Freshwater-cooled boats operate cool, which promotes in-engine condensation and rust. Closed-system marine engines tend to operate hot, which promotes the creation of acids - and engine corrosion. The longer the engine works, the more water and acid build, and the acid and water continue to work after engine shutdown.

AMSOIL has created a complete line of synthetic lubrication products which directly address the unique conditions of each type of marine craft.

Watercraft, boats,amsoil products,canada

AMSOIL Synthetic Engine Lubricants

AMSOIL synthetic engine oils shield engine parts from rust and continuously neutralize engine oil acids. They are ideal for use during operations and lay-up.

Additionally, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are formulated for extended drain intervals. In fact, many AMSOIL product users base their oil changes on the findings of used oil analysis rather than operating hours, a critical benefit in operations where time is money and oil changes are difficult.

Watercraft, boats,amsoil products,canadaAMSOIL synthetic motor oils are extended drain capable because they are synthetic oils. Synthetics are much more resistant to heat, oxidation and mechanical breakdown than are conventional oils, which helps synthetic last longer than conventional oils last. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are formulated with long-lasting, top-quality additives to take advantage of the durability of synthetic basestocks, and make extended drain capable oils.

Finally, synthetic oils offer superior lubrication and protection to that offered by conventional oils, due to the ability of synthetics to maintain low temperature fluidity for rapid post-startup lubrication and protection and their ability to maintain a durable film of protection in high-temperature operations.


Independent Amsoil Dealer Canada
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Its The Oil is an Independent AMSOIL Dealer Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Only a Phone Call or Email Away from Anywhere