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Independent AMSOIL Dealer Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Snowmobles and Winter Vehicles Demand High Quality Products
Snowmobles and Winter Vehicles Amsoil CanadaSnowmobles and Winter Vehicles Amsoil Canada

The AMSOIL Advantage

Snowmobile manufacturers want the best protection possible for their equipment, calling for rugged oils that exhibit high temperature deposit control additives. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils are specially formulated with the best synthetic basestocks and high performance additives to provide tough lubricating protection for all 2-cycle and four-stroke snowmobile and ATV engines in the most demanding operations.

Snowmobles and Winter Vehicles Amsoil Canada

Snowmobles and Winter Vehicles Amsoil CanadaCase Example:

We operate a fleet of 27 Polaris snowmobiles. Last season was the first year that we used AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in all of our machines. We noticed that the machines smoked less, were easier to start in cold weather and plug fouling was greatly reduced as a result of our use of AMSOIL. More importantly, with all of our machines having a minimum of 4,500 miles of use last season, not one experienced an engine-related problem.

Our primary focus is multi-day tours of the surrounding area. A breakdown during a tour is very costly and inconvenient for both our company and the guest. AMSOIL products outperformed our previous oil, and I believe it was key to keeping all of our sleds on the snow last season. Based on our experiences, I would highly recommend the product.

Craig Koll, Owner
Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours, Inc.
Jackson, WY

Independent Amsoil Dealer Canada
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Its The Oil is an Independent AMSOIL Dealer Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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